Tuna + Mango Hound Pop

Tuna + Mango Hound Pop

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Is your fur foodie a fish lover? And, a mango lover? Pawfect! We've blended line-caught wild tuna with organic mangos for this delicious Hound Pop! No dairy!

  • line-caught wild tuna - sorry, the tuna is not local to Ottawa, Canada ; )
  • organic mango
  • treat stick 100% organic = sweet potato, turmeric, & oat flour

All natural, locally sourced, no preservatives or additives. Organic. Freshest ingredients. Small batches. 

NOTE: Hound Pops are shipped using dry ice in an insulated container. These super tasty treats require express shipping. 

Guaranteed nutrient analysis

(Crude) protein: 2.62%
(Crude) fat: .82%
(Crude) fibre: .49%
Moisture: 72.7%