FAQs | Questions about our products and shipping

Are there additives or preservatives in your treats?

There are no preservatives or preservatives in any of our treats. All of our treats are made from locally sourced, 100% people food. We use only organic and hormone/antibiotic free food when available.  

How long will your treats stay fresh? 

We highly recommend storing all Hound Pops in the freezer because they are a frozen treat.   And, we suggest you store our cookies and training treats in the refrigerator since they do not contain any preservatives or chemicals.  

Are your treats gluten, wheat, corn, & soy free?

Yes, every treat we make is free of allergens common to dogs. We even have a super treat made with elk (novel protein) and ZERO grains: It costs a little more, but every dog is worth it! 

Are all the ingredients safe for dogs?

We only use 100% people food which has been deemed safe for dogs.  We work closely with a Canine Nutritionist and we are continuously online learning through College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies.

Where are your products made?

Everything is handcrafted with love in The Cauldron Kitchen and The Incubator Kitchen in Ottawa, Canada.

How long will it take to get my treats?

Hound Pops are shipped one day a week and always ship with a maximum travel time of two days to ensure they arrive frozen and ready for your dog. All of our other treats shipping times depend upon shipping methods and location. For all of our customers in Ottawa, they get free delivery!  For any questions regarding special requests or delivery dates please email bark@flyinghound.ca.