About us | The story behind the Flying Hound

The Flying Hound is dedicated to making fresh treats from real food ingredients for your dog in our Scratch Canine Kitchen. We are the originators of Hound Pops - a delicious frozen pupsicle with a healthy edible stick.

We are two friends who went from sharing whimsical treats for our dogs to a hip and imaginative dog treat company aimed at offering high-quality, handcrafted treats, using only natural, healthy, locally sourced, organic ingredients.

The two of us are continuously learning about canine nutrition and natural health. Between our course work and individual research we use the resources of well established canine nutritionist. And, as a fun fact, between the two of us we've been cooking for our dogs for 25 years! Wow!

We view ourselves as partners with our customers and their dogs, our community, and our environment. We have a sustained interest in dog health, ingredients, and the dog and owner bond.   And, of course, the Flying Hound has a sense of humor and adventure.

We stand by each and every product we make. If you and your dog are not happy please get in touch and we will refund your cost.

The Flying Hound started as a treat trike. Yup, you read that right. Our store front was (and still is) a cargo bike with an ice box. We've attended national events, local park events and we host a weekly Ice Cream Social in our community for dog owners.  

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Flying Hound Treat Trike selling Pooch Pops from Flying Hound on Vimeo.