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We love your dog!

Our dog treats are handcrafted with love from 100% real food, organic and locally sourced ingredients and produced in a (people) Health Inspected kitchen. No preservatives or additives, only all natural tasty goodness because we care about your best friend too! Gluten-free treats, vegetarian treats, grain-free treats, and unique proteins: A healthy treat for every dog. 

The Flying Hound is the originator of Hound Pops! Hound Pops are "pupsicles/houndsicles" for dogs, and the stick is even a baked treat! Fur foodies love everything about these tasty frozen treats, especially the treat stick! YUP, the stick is edible!

DID YOU KNOW? The Flying Hound started as a treat trike - cargo bike with an ice box - in 2016.  We've attended national events, regional events and local park events with our treat trike. 

DID YOU KNOW? One of the founders on the team is continuously learning through the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies, her grandfather was a veterinarian and her late mother was a pioneer in selling organic foods and natural health products.



Flying Hound Cargo Bike - Treat Trike with Ice Box

Photo credit: Ellen Bond ellenbondphotography.com


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Flying Hound Treat Trike selling Hound Pops from Flying Hound on Vimeo.



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