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Bone Broth & Hound Pops

Venison bone broth for a Hound Pop? Do you wonder why we make these icy treats for your dogs? Well, first thing we want your dog to live a long and healthy life and from what we have gathered from the scientists and doctors is that dogs who eat a wide variety of foods are the ones who live the longest. To start, bone broth is also regarded as a superfood. At Flying Hound we only use naturally raised venison bones from a local farmer (who also supplies restaurants in Montreal and Ottawa) and with love, slowly slow cook the bones for over 24 hours. It's true, sometimes up to 48 hours. Our next step is to skim the fat...

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Benefits of fruits and vegetables for your dog

Fruits and vegetables are not new to the dog food world and are an essential part of a healthy homemade dog food and raw diets. According to Dr. Karen Becker “Fruits and vegetables make the best and most nutritious snacks for your pets.” Vegetables contain several important health-promoting nutrients that are scarce in modern dog food. Two nutrients present in most raw fruits are vitamin A and vitamin C, which make fruit an important food for your dog. It keeps the skin and the whole body free of degenerative diseases and aging. Back when dogs were wild, when they killed prey, they first consumed the prey stomach contents which contained fruit and vegetable grasses that they prey had consumed. Modern...

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