It's like seeing a unicorn

Flying Hound produces cookies and treats for dogs using organic, real food ingredients. If you check out our Instagram feed, you’ll see our real food ingredient treats being enjoyed by cats as well, not just dog foodies. But now, we have spread our repertoire to beyond cats and dogs.

Wendy and Andy are regular customers of Wholesome Canine in Toronto where they loyally purchase Flying Hound cookies for their Chocolate labrador retriever. One flavour they buy regularly is Peanut Butter and Banana - vegan cookie with only three ingredients, yup, three ingredients and the entire cookie is organic with no preservatives. They buy these cookies, not just for the taste and healthy ingredients, but also to feed the wildlife in their backyard because as you know, all dog lovers are animal lovers.  

What urban wildlife is in the backyard of a downtown neighbourhood in Toronto deserving of a Flying Hound treat?  The elusive white squirrel!  It has been said, that spotting a white squirrel is like seeing a unicorn.  These mythic rodents have been the topic of urban wildlife in Toronto’s downtown neighbourhood of Trinity-Bellwoods for many years. They are not hard to spot since they are completely white - albinos in fact - but there are not very many of them. Over the last few years, these white squirrels made municipal and national headlines: Toronto Life Magazine,  National Post, and The Globe and Mail for unfortunate accidents. The white squirrel in Trinity-Bellwoods Park even has his own Twitter account. So, when you have one living in your backyard, you treat it with love and kindness.

From what we heard on the street, this particular squirrel in Wendy and Andy’s backyard WAITS for their daily Flying Hound treat. As a matter of fact, the squirrel has his fill of nuts and then waits for his Peanut Butter & Banana cookie. Treat your dog and your urban wildlife to the best with Flying Hound!

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